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Furry Friends Hat

Furry Friends Hat

 Furry Friends Hat .... Inspired by a hat I made at the end of 2022:  I crocheted a sort of sister hat because I loved the first so much.

 Even so , although the colors and style is similar to the first hat,  all hats are one of kind and have their own individual uniqueness . This one includes some chunky whitish  textured yarn  just added to my yarn stash . 

Long sides on this one to keep your ears toasty and random threads fly wild around your head.  I love the assymetrical look of this one with different colors and patterns on either  long side of each . Hat can be worn however you like back or front... 

Hand crocheted with assorted cotton, wool and recycyled acrylic yarns.


On the smaller side with a band measuring 21" stretches to 24" 


Hand wash cold  water , mild soap , drip dry .


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